Reversing The Black Nursing Crisis: Inside The Campaign For Nursing’s Future With Dr. Beverly Malone

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The wonderful world of nursing was first introduced to Dr. Malone by watching her great-grandmother who raised her. “She was the community healer and I was always amazed by her,” shared Dr. Malone. “I always wanted to make a difference in the lives of other people, whether it was nursing or whether it was something else, I wanted to be of some significance to someone else. Nursing provides plenty of opportunity for that.”

Nurses are the people who live with a patient and their family on their health journeys every day. Being there for patients and keeping them healthy – that’s what nurses do says Dr. Malone. There is a great deal of pride when she speaks about the nursing profession, a pride that may be contrary to common myths about what nursing is and what nurses really do.

Two huge myths Dr. Malone points out are that nurses only work in hospitals and only do nursing. As evidenced by her own international career this is far from the truth. “My background is a good example. My background is I’m a psychiatric mental health nurse, but in addition to that I got my PhD in clinical psychology, so I’m also a licensed clinical psychologist.”