What Every Parent Should Tell Their Child About Masturbation

daughter and mother talking together

When a child becomes aware of their sex parts and they begin to respond to sexual stimuli (typically around age 8) it’s very common for them to become naturally curious about how these parts work.  The sex talk is one that is often delivered with caution of STDs and unwanted pregnancy, but the talk of the benefits of what masturbation can provide for the sexually-charged preteen or young adult isn’t often heard about. It’s time that we encourage our children to embrace themselves sexually using an act that is the safest form of sex. Before they go into the world to explore with others, here are a few facts that parents should be talking to their children about concerning the act of masturbation.

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It’s okay to touch yourself. 

Masturbation is an accepted form of self-pleasure for young men, but it’s rare that we hear about mothers encouraging their daughters to explore their sexual parts. We must be more sex positive in how we approach our children and youth with sexual subjects, especially as it pertains to their bodies.  Young women should be encouraged to learn about what’s between her legs, how to care for her parts and how to release sexual tension if that is her desire.  Relaying messages of shame or insecurity about sexual parts will only add to future problems with sexual self-acceptance in her future, so be the sex positive role model she needs and encourage her exploration.

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