Woman’s Death In Butt Injections Ruled Homicide

butt injection coverIn the ongoing pursuit of beauty, butt injections are still a popular way many try to get the body of their dreams. But the death of a Texas nursing home employee has been ruled a homicide by the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Officer.

The Dallas Morning News reports that 34 year old Wykesha Reid, who received silicone injections, died of pulmonary embolization of silicone after undergoing the cosmetic procedure.

Reid’s body was found on February 19 but the autopsy wasn’t completed until Friday.

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The finding paves the way for prosecutors to pursue homicide charges against Denise “Wee Wee” Ross, 43, and Alicia Clarke, 31, both of whom are suspected of performing Reid’s surgery. Both Clarke and Ross already have been charged with practicing medicine without a license in a separate case where a woman claimed she was harmed by shots in her rear end, according to NBC Dallas.

Reid is one of a growing number of women suffering death or permanent disfigurement as the result of butt injections.

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