Kevin Hart: Fitness Is No Laughing Matter

“I’m serious about working out,” comedian Kevin Hart said. “Wanna know why I stopped going to the gym though? I saw one of them real strong guys. You ever see one of them real big dudes? Real huge, I’m saying no neck. I saw him one day and I just got mad. I was like, ‘Dude, why are you still here? That’s it. You won.'” LOL

Kevin Hart may have some of the funniest jokes to laugh at, but don’t let him fool you. His own workouts are no laughing matter. They’re pretty hardcore, in fact, thanks to his dedicated full-time trainer, Ron “Boss” Everline, owner of Just Train, who has been traveling with Hart for nearly three years now, helping the 37-year-old Hollywood headliner get lean and strong.

Kevin even buffed up even more for his role with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in their summer 2016 movie, Central Intelligence.

When asked how he keeps his celebrity clients like Kevin on track, Ron replies simply, “I’m there. I’m in your face.”

In Kevin Hart’s early morning 5K runs in various cities, he’s keeping the momentum going. In Chicago, he had one of the biggest crowd to date, with 1,700 runners.  Kevin says that it’s time for us as a people to get healthy.

Kevin takes his health and wellness seriously – and he’s using his massive social media platform to get people moving. He has teamed up with the wellness app Rally Health to motivate the masses to get healthy. And it might be working.

Via his twenty million Twitter followers, he recently invited all of Boston to run a “spontaneous 5K” with him. His late night tweet invitation went out to anyone interested in meeting at Chestnut Hill Reservoir the next morning for a run.

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Considering that only 20 percent of American adults meet the physical activity guidelines, most of us need a good dose of exercise motivation.

Nearly 300 people showed up for the self-dubbed “Historic Kevin Hart 5K Run.” That’s an impressive number, given…

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