Be Ab-Mazing: 6 Keys To Getting Perfect Abs (VIDEO)

woman pushups
If you’re a workout fanatic, then you already know how important having sculpted abs are when it comes to rocking that teeny, weeny bikini or those sexy pair of trunks (for the guys) at the beach. A toned body without the six pack abs is like a cake without the icing! So, how do you get there?

Believe it or not, it takes a lot more than a few protein shakes and crunches to get the abs you’ve always dreamed of. As a treat to you, we’ve teamed up with Rochelle Boykin, fitness expert and founder of, to bring you these tips on how to achieve rock-hard abs this year.

Check out Rochelle’s video to see her ab-sculpting moves:

In addition to the moves, here are 6 things you MUST know to get better abs:

1. Start in the kitchen. “So, watch what you eat! Avoid processed foods, fried foods, white rice, white pasta, white bread and sweets. These are only a few food items to avoid, but for amazing abs, it’s best to stick with natural and raw foods and healthy proteins. Avoid unhealthy snacks.”

2. Beware of hidden sugary drinks. “Put down that soda and pick up the water. Don’t drink your calories. Many soft drinks and juices have so much added sugar and calories, but they’re hidden in a liquid form. Those calories quickly add up and unfortunately, they add on the pounds. If you must have juice, make sure it’s…

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