50 Days Live To Wynn No Carbs Challenge: “Being Healthy Is Bigger Than Losing Weight”

BDO: What was your typical diet and exercise plan during the challenge?

MW: A typical Wynning day included: 2 liters of water, a plant-based smoothie with almond/coconut milk and fresh fruit, grilled fish or chicken and fresh veggies. I switched up my workout repertoire completely. I have a new found love for hot yoga and Pilates. Incorporating these activities not only strengthened my temple, but my universe. I would highly recommend men and women to give it a try.

BDO: I’m guessing staying away from carbs wasn’t easy, but what where some of the other challenges?

MW: Commitment is my middle name, LOL! However, when I felt tempted a few times to stop by Soul Vegetartian for the carrot cake, I would reflect on the two-a-days I was doing at my gym, Fitness Formula Clubs (FFC), and the hard work I had put in the day before. Ultimately, it all begins in your mind. I’ve learned when you speak life daily into your spirit, all things are possible.

BDO: What did you learn about yourself during those 50 days?

MW: Great question! I’ve learned just how truly resilient my universe (mind) was retooling it for success. As well, I found it challenging for others to be out with me at a social gathering. I would hear: “Girl, you are better than me. I couldn’t do that!” or “Are you sure you don’t want just a taste?” I would smile and say no thank you. I had a mental picture of what my success looked like and it did not include going back on my mental vow I made with myself. You are always in control of your surroundings, not your neighbor or loved one. Always remember this.

Myisha after 2

BDO: The magic question: Would you did it again?! Now that you’ve done it, what advice can you offer to others?

Absolutely! I am staying on this new healthy journey because I love how it makes me feel from the inside out. I am sleeping better at night, my skin is more radiant and I feel more centered, which are needed when running your own business. The best advice I can give others is being healthy is bigger than losing weight. It is about reconditioning your universe (mind). Once you decide you are ready, set a monthly goal by writing it down. Look at it daily to keep you encouraged. Share it with those who you know will celebrate you along the way.


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