Rachel True: Fit, Fine And 50? (Yes, 50!)

Rachel-True-headlineActress Rachel True has been seen on both the big and small screen with her glowing skin and radiant smile. From the TV show Half & Half with Essence Atkins or the iconic Half Baked movie with Dave Chappelle, Rachel has been in show business for over 25 years, but it doesn’t show! The teenage-looking actress will be turning 50 in October 2016 but doesn’t look a day over 30. So how does she do it?  Here’s a breakdown of Rachel’s skin and hair routine that you can use too:

“After my dad passed,(while working on Half & Half) I went on a junk food tear. He always called me fat, so y’know I ate the death feelings down. I was totally over weight, and did get cystic acne. I cut out the crap, lost weight, embeded zits went away. Teenage white heads still come and go.”

But then she changed her outlook on herself and her past, gave up eating junk food all the time and changed to a healthier lifestyle.

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What You Don’t See In The Movies/On TV
“Which brings us to hair.. I’m no guru! Just a chick who happens to have some naturally curly hair. It’s not relaxed. or permed, just wash and go, but since I dye the heck out of my hair, (mainly because my dark natural color looks dense & blocky on camera, & to cover grey streak i inherited at 16), makes my hair fragile like a newborn kitten, like, it could split ends if you stare too hard.

“When you see publicity or movie stills, the makeup and hair is done by professionals…the candid pictures posted are much more true to life.”

“What works for my fine curls, may not work for you. My hair changed textures when i moved from humid NYC to dry CA, had to adapt. My fine hair liked humidity. Where as if yours is thick, different boat.”
I do recommend and am paid by none-
– Olive oil: I keep some in the shower, once a week-ish leave it in for a few hours or hair, shampoo out. Not a bad body moisturizer either.
– If you’re in the money: i LOVE Kerastase. too f’ing expensive though, be warned.
Aubrey-organics GPB conditioner. I’ve used it forever, their web-site is full of comments from…

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