What Are Blotting Sheets Good For?

blotting paperI struggle with my skin because it simply just has a mind of its own. I am a perfect example of someone with combination skin. Some days I have dry skin, others I have oily, and on even weirder days I have a mixture of both. One of the worst challenges I struggle with is halfway through the day my face becomes greasy and noticeably shiny. This is how I discovered the marvelous use of blotting papers. They come in all shapes, sizes and quality, but they all serve the same purpose. They reduce the oil that is on your face.

Something like the pizza grease you see on a napkin, this is exactly what blotting papers do. They absorb oil from the surface. These little babies have saved me from so many embarrassing conversations, where the person I was talking to could have probably seen their reflection on my skin because it was so oily. The best part about great blotting papers is that they do a fantastic job of not ruining your makeup. Now that’s what I like to call instant gratification.

Of course, every good thing has an excepton to bring us back to reality.

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