The Journey of Steph Curry: Faith & Family

…ankle surgeries hindered him greatly, taking him out for much of the next two seasons. At the end of 2012, Curry returned, setting a new single season three-point shot record. That year, he led his team to the playoffs. By 2014, Curry was in his first NBA All Star game, as a starter (also leading his team to the playoffs that year). And now, in 2015, Curry won his first NBA Champion title. But he isn’t just a champion on the court. Curry is a family man, married with a daughter. Describing his daughter, Steph says, “I love coming home and seeing her. Seeing what she learned today. Smiling and having fun. Lighting up my eyes and my wife’s eyes…”. Currently, Curry is already training for the upcoming season, always looking for ways to improve his game.  Here is a link to a video of Steph and his adorable daughter at a post-game interview: