Bringing People Together

Everyone knows who Kevin Hart is. Between his stand up shows, show hosting (i.e. BET Awards, and the MTV Awards) and films such as “Think Like A Man” and “Ride Along”, Hart’s talent is certainly multi-faceted. So it comes as no surprise that Hart is in the midst of starring in another movie. Set to be released in 2016, the movie also stars Dwayne Johnson. But did you know that Kevin Hart is the Health Ambassador for an interactive digital platform called Rally Health?

Rally Health   is a digital health software app (on tablets, phones, etc.) that helps you make simple changes in your everyday routine, set goals for yourself, and track your results online. Based on what information you give in a survey, they offer personal recommendations for health and fitness and rewards for accomplishing your goals. Impressively, Rally Health will give you an age according to how healthy you are. So you can be a 45 year-old woman with a Rally age of 23!    It’s all about moving more, eating better, and feeling better—and having fun doing it.

As Health Ambassador, Hart encourages consumers to take a more active role in their health.  Hart believes that even simple things like laughing can improve your health by reducing stress, relieving pain, and enhancing your mood. “I really do believe that laughter is the best medicine. Not only does it make you feel good, but I love knowing that it’s actually good for you too. I love the Rally Health mission and couldn’t be more excited to work with the Rally Health team to help consumers laugh a little more and make better decisions about their health and wellbeing,” explained Hart.

But Kevin Hart doesn’t just talk the talk. At the age of 35, Hart works out every other day, taking off every other Sunday. In an interview with People, Hart explains why he stays in shape. “I’m small! I have to be in shape. You can’t be small and have a little frame. You’ve got to have something.” The evidence is on social media. He constantly posts pictures of him exercising – often times with  large weights. He doesn’t do it to show off. He wants to inspire his followers since he always asks them to do the same.
On June 6th of this year, Kevin Hart announced something random to his followers on social media. He tweeted, “Who in Boston wants to come run with me???? This is an impromptu decision people!!!! I’m about to tweet the details of where 2 meet me now.” Naturally, his followers took this as a joke; he is in fact a comedian and entertainer. That is until he tweeted, “Meet by the water shed 367 chestnut hill ave Brighton MA….its Next to Reilly recreation center!!!! Let’s gooooo Boston. #RallyWithKevin…I’m dead serious Boston….get up early & come RUN with me damn it…this type of shit can be game changing!!!! 8:45am BE THERE OR BE SQUARE.”
Apparently, the turn out for his run on June 6th was significant because Kevin decided to host another impromptu 5K run this past weekend – this time with over 600 runners joining him at the Medal of Honor Park. The participation from runners doubled since the first marathon, according to Kevin. Addressing all of his fellow runners before the run, Kevin put the comedy aside. “If you’re taking pictures for your social media moments get them out the way because when we get out here, we run people!” The crowd is was made up all walks of life. Both men and women (some people ran with dogs), all different ages, and different ethnicities – another fine example of how everyone can come together under one goal. Exasperated after the run, Hart said, “The turnout was unreal. Boston came up. They showed out. This was by far, an amazing event. A great crowd, a great people. More importantly an event. We did this together. That’s what it’s about. I’m so happy right now because I’m seeing a positive turnout from something that started out small that’s turning into something so big.” Although breathing like he was just held underwater, Hart was smiling from ear to ear because he experienced a great side to humanity: togetherness. One participant tweeted him after the run typing, “@KevinHart4real thanks for getting me out of bed and off my a** this morning! #boston #RallyWithKevin”
I’d be willing to bet Hart will host yet another 5K while still in Boston. It’s random, though, so we won’t know when it will happen until the day before!

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