The Amazing Benefits Of Sea Buckthorn Oil

sea buckthornThere is always a new super ingredient popping up in the beauty trends. The latest is called sea buckthorn oil. It’s medicinal uses have been known for centuries in the Chinese and Swedish cultures, probably because the plant it is produced from grows in cool environments such as Sweden and the Himalayas. This tiny yellowish-orange berry is smaller than a blueberry but has 12 times the amount of vitamin C in an orange! The sea buckthorn berries are also rich with antioxidants, vitamins E and A, as well as Omega 3,6,7 and 9 fatty acids. Pretty much this is a magical fruit!

The oil extracted from this fruit is great for the skin, and can even be eaten for internal health benefits as well. Here are three health benefits:

1. Weight Loss

Research has shown that the sea buckthorn berries have the ability to prevent the storage of excess fat, therefore assisting in weight loss.

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