Melanie Fiona: “When You Love Yourself, The Confidence Just Comes Out Of You”

melanie fiona

Two-time Grammy winner, Melanie Fiona, known for hits like “It Kills Me” and the Cee-Lo duet, “Fool For You,”  is strikingly beautiful. Being a famous R&B singer is complemented with the undeniable pressure of remaining beautiful, even as one ages. But Melanie doesn’t let the pressure get to her. She knows that true beauty comes from within. “When you love yourself, the confidence just comes out of you, and it makes you appear more beautiful to other people.” Confidence=Beauty.

Fiona’s Law…of Attraction!

Many women claim that confidence is the most attractive quality in a man. Well, the same applies to women. Confidence is the most attractive quality in a person. “You can get your hair done, you can get your makeup done, you can get the flyest set of clothes but in the end if you have no confidence, it doesn’t mean anything…It’s the way that you carry yourself, and that’s what attracts people. I’m a big believer in energy, and I’m a big believer in the laws of attraction and what makes people notice you, and it all radiates from your core, your spirit,” explains Melanie. But why does confidence literally translate to attraction for so many?

For one, it shows others how you feel about yourself. Your self-image is revealed according to how you carry yourself. It rules how you interact with other people, and it rules how you react to the situations that life throws your way. It tells…

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