6 Tips For A Sexy Soft Beard

grooming it. This isn’t the case.  You need to train your hair follicles to get ready for your beard.  That can be done simply by brushing your face (yes, even before hair begins to grow), in the direction you want your beard to grow.  Just about 10 minutes throughout the day should do and more when stubble begins to show.

3. Right Under Your Nose

This area is not to be neglected! If someone is looking directly at you, it’s likely their eyes will shift towards your mouth/nose area when talking, so don’t forget to trim the area directly under your nose and your nose hairs. This will dramatically increase the look of your beard and entire face, giving you a cleaner appearance.

4. Scruffy Needs Work Too

Scruffy beards are no exception! Contrary to popular belief, this effortless look actually requires effort. Make sure you clean and trim the area underneath your beard (neck and under chin) so that your seemingly unkept beard still shines through and doesn’t get lost in stray hairs underneath.

5. Moisturize And Condition

Don’t forget to moisturize! Moisture is a major part of your beard’s

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