6 Tips For A Sexy Soft Beard

look and feel. The Scotch Porter Beard Collection is perfect for growing and conditioning your beard. It’s a versatile system that will perform well on your beard. Did we mention this company is black-owned? This set comes with a wash, conditioner, serum, and balm.  You can purchase the entire system or the beard balm on its own.  The products are formulated with botanicals, natural oils, extracts, and vitamins (avoiding parabens, silicones, and petroleum) to naturally strengthen, condition and restore moisture to your beard.

5. Be Patient

Waiting. It’s one of the hardest things to do. Especially when your beard finally starts to thrive. Sometimes the best and healthiest way to about it is to wait for the beard to grow a little more before getting it trimmed (or retrimmed).  If you trim it too often, the beard could get smaller and the hairs thinner, not to mention all the wear and tear on your skin.  So waiting a few extra days for a trim can help.

Now that you’ve got all the tips and tools to be successful, put ’em into practice! It won’t be long before you’re #beardgoals.

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