Deborah Cox: “Remind Women They Were Born Queens”

deborah cox coverDeborah Cox; the Billboard-chart-topping R&B singer and Grammy nominee who hits have ranged from the incredible ballad “Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here” to most recently, singing all of the late, great Whitney Houston’s songs in the Angela Basset produced biopic.

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These days, Deborah is busy with roles in Broadway musicals, a new album, and more collaborations thatn we can keep count of. But how does this busy married mother of three still stay healthy an sane? Two words: Her Family.

On Keeping Her Children Healthy
“My children eat totally organic. Only because my son has a lot of food allergies – gluten, nuts, wheat, dairy and fish. His diet consists of rice-based and corn-based stuff, and soy. It’s really tough travelling, because we can’t eat out. His food has to be specially prepared. We do a lot of brown rice and pasta. Once I found out he was allergic to pretty much everything, we became strictly organic. I am meticulous about the things he eats because I know he has all these special diet needs and I want to make sure that its taken care of.”

On Eating Healthy On The Road
“The key is really making sure that you have wholesome foods in your diet. I think that’s the only way I’ve been able to survive this long and I’ve never gotten sick. I’ve always managed to get fresh fruits and vegetables. We’re able to go to organic places like Whole Foods and get wholesome foods to eat. You miss a home cooked meal when you’re living out of hotels. Between room service and restaurants it can be hard to find good foods [but] I try to make an effort to get that kind of stuff in that diet and I find that it’s been working.”

“I like to use a lot of sea food because sometimes I like to give my system a break from any meat. I find with a schedule like this where we…

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