5 Super Ingredients For Hydrated Skin

hand applying lotion

Maintaining moist skin is a year round issue. In the dry winters or the hot summers your skin is sure to take a true beating. It is important that you are consistently keeping your skin moisturized. Here are specific hydrating ingredients that you can look for in order to achieve supple, soft and moisturized skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

One of the most popular humectants of its kind, you will find hyaluronic acid in many of your cleansers, lotions, and creams. It helps your skin to find moisture and retain it! This ingredient is best known for its anti-aging and scar prevention properties. According to Emory University researcher Dr. Julian Whitaker, “topical Hyaluronic Acid usage on the skin shows promise in wound healing and burn treatment, reducing scarring and speeding healing.”

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