Extend The Life Of Your False Lashes

woman using eyelash curlerLashes are a great beauty enhancer, but can become a costly one as well. You will thank yourself later down the road if you take the time to clean and sanitize your lashes every time you take them off. Not only is it better for your eye health, it makes them last much longer. Extending the life of your favorite set of lashes can mean not having to purchase another pair for months! You’d be surprised how the built up mascara and glue can dry out your lashes, and be harmful to your eyes. Follow these steps to get this new bacteria-friendly and cost-conscious lash extending process going!

1. Remove the glue. 

Over time, glue build up can warp the shape of your lashes strip. This will not only make the application more difficult, it will eventually make the lashes become uneven and weird looking. Try using tweezers to peel away the bits of glue that may be left over after removal. Be careful to only remove glue and not lash hairs!