ABsent: 5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Abs

Rochelle B pic

There are only about two more months of summer left. If you were supposed to be rocking a six-pack by now but you don’t even have a two-pack yet, you’ve probably been doing it all wrong. Thankfully, Rochelle Boykin, fitness expert and founder of www.fabfitparty.com, is here to explain the keys to achieving rock-hard abs.

1. You haven’t changed your diet. “No matter how many sit ups and crunches you do, your abs will never show if there is fat covering them! You have to lower your body fat percentage to start seeing those abs you’ve been working for. A clean diet is a lifestyle change, not something you change until you get abs and then revert back to unhealthy eating. The abs will disappear with a poor diet.”

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