Walk & Talk: The Power Of Walking As Therapy

… the feeling that follows a run or walk is often described as “euphoric.” This feeling of “euphoria,” can be accompanied by a positive and energizing outlook on life.

Processing emotion, thinking and decision- making are enhanced when combined with walking and talking in nature. Many clients seek this form of therapy to address stress, anxiety, conflict and anger, depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders.  After ending each session, clients reported experiencing a state of efficacy, capability and personal accomplishment.

This form of therapy allows the client to experience a relationship with their therapist that is similar to one with a confidant, mentor, friend and/or personal trainer, and much more — clients benefit from clinical expertise.

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Psychotherapist, Glenn Sevier, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Chicago.  He has been providing Walk-n- Talk Therapy since 2003, in both, a suburban high school and in his private practice.  Glenn would invite his clients to participate in Walk-n-Talk sessions around the school’s outdoor running track during their lunch breaks.  Many clients were students  as well as school faculty members. They found Walk-n-Talk Therapy as a great way to “get to the real issues” when experiencing anger, stress, frustration, anxiety and/or difficulties staying focus throughout the day.

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