The Real Signs Of A Germaphobe

woman washing handsSomeone who keeps a bottle of hand sanitizer with them at all times and is absolutely terrified of using public restrooms and pools is often labeled a “germaphobe,” but what does it really mean to be a germaphobe anyway since the term is overused these days?

Well, for starters, a real germaphobe will have some form of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), which consists of excessive thoughts (the obsessive part) and repetitive behaviors (the compulsive part). In many cases, being a germaphobe is a symptom of OCD.

Cleanliness is generally a good thing and it’s normal to worry about germs from time to time, but when does it become too much? It can be difficult to know if someone is a germaphobe since most try to hide their rituals, but here a few signs to look for:

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