Let’s Go Crazy: 7 Things We Can Learn From “Purple Rain”

20140725-purplerain-x624-1406305285July 27th marks the 33rd anniversary of the cult classic film, Purple Rain. As millions of us still are mourning the death of musical genius Prince, we take a look back at his first major motion picture.

Since 1984 when the movie came out, a lot of things have changes, but other things haven’t.  Here are some important things we can learn from the movie:

1. Mental Health Can Be Hereditary – In the movie, Prince’s character, “the Kid”, had issues with his father who was a great musician in his earlier days. And throughout the film, the movie showed parts where Prince’s character exhibited the same issues as his dad.  In real life, those behaviors can be transferred as well. So what what you say, and do around those who you love, unless you want them to pick up those habits.

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2. Music Can Heal – The Kid would play music to either set the mood or change the mood.  In some medical institutions, musical therapy is used to treat and sometimes communicate with patients. Breakthroughs have been seen in many different medical conditions.

3. Knowing When To Leave Is Key – It’s important to know when to leave.  When the female lead, Appollonia was trying to decide between two men, she struggled with who would be better for her career or her heart.  Many women struggle with this today. It’s important to know the difference no matter who you are.

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