THIS! Men, Here’s How You Celebrate & Support Your Woman’s Health Journey

Sometimes, Facebook can feel like a real life version of that Chappelle skit when Dave was trapped inside the Internet, but then there are those beautiful moments when you scroll up on a video that makes you glad you took the time to watch. When Khari Toure’s video, “Through Thick and Thin,” came through my feed I wasn’t sure what to expect, but since my girl who shared it co-signed it with “THIS!!!!” I knew it had to be on point. Considering his song has over 1 million hits on Youtube, we’re not the only ones loving his message.

Originally written as a poem, “Through Thick and Thin” is a celebration of women. Here’s just a few of the gems:

What attracts me most about you,
is not the way you carry your weight,
but the way you carry yourself.

You don’t need weight reduction or liposuction
and I don’t want you feel as if you need to slim
or trim down for me

Do it for yourself and your health,
In your journey to become lean
you can always lean on me

What woman wouldn’t love some unconditional support like that?! On his Facebook page, Khari, a poet and author, shared the inspiration behind “Through Thick and Thin” and why the song is so important for both women and men.

On the inspiration:

“I wrote the poem “Through Thick and Thin,” because I believe that while in a relationship, a man should be supportive of his woman regardless of her weight, and vice versa. The poem is based on a fictionalized account of a husband finding his wife’s weight loss journal. Once he finds out about her insecurities and negative body image, he does everything to reassure her that he loves everything about her.”

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