Monica Calhoun: “Exude Beauty Inside, Manifest It Outside”


(Photo credit: Instagram)

Actress Monica Calhoun moved cross country with her family to California where as a child, she worked with famed director F. Gary Gray.  Monica is best known for her roles in the films, The Best Man, Players Club, Bagdad Café, and Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.  She went on to appear in films with other notable stars but in the late 90’s/ early 2000’s, but one of her best-known roles is that of the character “Mia” in The Best Man movies.

In the sequel, Best Man Holiday, Mia is a wife and mother who longs for her friends–who are like family–to get back together during the holidays.  No matter what their issues or differences, Mia is the voice of reason and shows the importance of family. It was a role that Monica knows all about she puts her family first as well.

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Monica Calhoun gave the whole world a clue as to why she may have slowed down in the acting business- the reason may be due to her son.  She appeared with him, arm in arm, on the red carpet at The Best Man Holiday premiere.  It appears that he may be a special needs child, suffering from blindness.


(Photo credit: Instagram)

Her Instagram account showed more pictures of the young man teen age now.  Upon doing further research, her brother also happens to be blind.

“With The Best Man Holiday now on DVD, I’d love people to share it with a loved one and open the conversation about preventative health care,” says Monica. “I’d love for it to also spark conversations about forgiveness.”

The seasoned actress also shares her passion about self-love, no matter how you look or ailment.

“Beauty is how I feel about myself.  If someone is looking at me and I’m not what their normal idea of beauty is, they see me and…

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