Monica Calhoun: “Exude Beauty Inside, Manifest It Outside”

… they feel my energy saying to them ‘I’m gorgeous. I’m beautiful,'” explains Calhoun.

“When you approach that inner beauty feeling, it’s hard for someone to not deem you as beautiful.  If you don’t have on the latest Tom Ford… or the if you went to the store and have on the sweater that costs only $9.99, if you exude that beauty within, you are it. Never mind what someone else’s initial reaction is.  It’s an inner beauty feeling that Black women have. It’s our aura.”

Monica Calhoun, Nicole Morgan

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

“What’s important about Black women is embracing all different aspects of beauty and what beauty is. No matter what kind of hair or style you may have, exude beauty from the inside so that you can manifest it on the outside.”