Netflix Gives Ultimate Gift To New Moms & Dads: A Year Of Paid Leave!

…one to not go along with trends. The popular streaming company already guarantees unlimited vacation days for its workers. The new policy gives approval for new moms and dads to carve out whatever work-life balance structure works best for them.

Netflix is quick to point out that giving employees this benefit not necessarily a bad idea for a business’ bottom line–actually its good for business. When you think about it, if you had a job that gave you all this time off, why would you really want to go to another job that only gave you the standard 2 weeks a year? As Cranz explained in the company’s blog post, the new policy gives Netflix an advantage in “competing for and keeping the most talented individuals in their field.”

The only employees in the company that are not covered by the new parental leave policy are those who still work in the DVD division, but they still have access to all other great benefits.

You hear that employers? Paid time off: it’s a good idea (hint, hint).