Morning Shower Vs. Night Shower: Which One Is Better?


Morning or Night shower

Personally, I shower when I wake up as opposed to showering at night. The reason? Just like many others, it actually wakes me up. Also, I thoroughly enjoy when the warm water cascades down my face. Besides awakening me, it is also the last moment of relaxation before commuting to work – if I woke up early enough to do so. But just like everything in life, whether you shower at night or in the morning, there are pros and cons involved.

Of course you can take a shower in the morning and night if you’re so inclined, but check out the pros and cons if you want to decide which is better for you.  Which will you decide?

Morning Shower:

-It wakes you up! :  A morning shower can even be used a replacement for coffee if you’re trying to cut back.

-Morning hair: If you don’t like the way your hair looks after a long night’s sleep, jump in the shower and let the magic happen.

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-Relaxation before work: Adults have busy schedules. It seems as if as soon as we wake up we are thrust into our daily responsibilities and activities. A morning shower can not only help you relax before that, but it provides a space for you to think about the day and plan accordingly.


-Time: You have to wake up earlier to shower in the morning. If you don’t live alone, you also have to…