On The Move: 10 Ways To Exercise In The Airport

businessman looking at watch airport

As a wellness professional, I am always advocating for my clients to exercise whenever possible. Numerous studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time is hazardous for your health. Cardiac (or heart problems), muscle degeneration and diabetic conditions are linked with those who sit for prolonged periods of time. Curious to see the impacts of prolonged sitting? The Washington Post created an image showing the negative effects of prolonged seating along with some recommended exercises.

Unfortunately, there are some places where you cannot exercise, such as an airplane. For obvious safety reasons, movement (other than from your seat) is restricted while an airplane is ascending, taxiing or descending. Just because you are restricted while in the air does not mean you cannot exercise at the airport.

After a multi-hour flight from Washington, DC and Amsterdam, Holland -my husband – exercised using a bike-powered charging station at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. It is a perfect marriage between fitness and self-renewable energy. It took him 20 minutes for him to fully charge his phone and he felt completely exhausted at the end of his bike ride.

Want some solo time exercising and don’t mind a little attention? Below are 10 exercise ideas that you can do while at the airport. And don’t worry if anyone notices you exercising. They might want to join alongside you!