4 Simple Things To Do Right Now For Healthier Hair

woman braiding hair

As a fitness specialist most of my days are spent doing things like developing workout programs and dishing out diet advice on my website and YouTube channel. In addition to the many fitness-related questions I receive like, “What’s the best workout to lose these extra 10 pounds of post-baby weight?” I also receive many compliments and questions like, “I love your hair! How do you take care of it?”

Now when it comes to my hair, first and foremost I practice a regimen based in simple, holistic principles like maintaining a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and practicing good clean livin’. And I do all these things because I know from both personal and professional experience that healthy living makes for a healthy, beautiful mane.

So today, I want to share four of my favorite holistic hair care tips that many women may not know, but every woman should follow. Also, the brilliance of these four tips is that they are so incredibly easy to follow and can fit into any woman’s lifestyle – especially if you’re very active like me. Bottom line, make these tips a regular part of your hair care regimen, and I guarantee you will see a significant improvement in the health and beauty of your hair!

1. Nix the tight hairstyles.

You want to avoid tight hairstyles because they are notorious for putting tension on the hair follicle and hair shaft – a big no bueno because tension is a leading factor in hair loss, and more specifically, a leading factor in traction alopecia (which is the medical term for pathological hair loss). FYI, traction alopecia is very commonly seen in Black women along their hairline and this type of hair loss is also totally avoidable when you nix tight hairstyling and choose looser hairstyles. I know some tight hairstyles may look fly for the moment, but they can and will murder your edges in the long haul. So as a general rule, if you feel any degree of pain whatsoever after getting your hair done, then your hairstyle is too tight and you need to loosen up! Plain and simple.