Marjorie Harvey: Fit, Fine & 54!

majorie harveyWife, mother, grandmother, philanthropist, and entrepreneur are just a few adjectives that can be used to describe Marjorie Harvey. Known to many as the beautiful wife of comedian, talk show/radio host and author, Steve Harvey, she is quickly becoming a recognizable woman of fashion.

Marjorie, now 54, met Steve in a comedy club nearly 30 years ago and it was like they had a connection the first time they laid eyes on each other.

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“A lot of things that I knew about Steve, I got a chance to read about and see on television,” Marjorie explains to Essence. “We were friends. We dated years ago and I think it was the long distance more than anything with Steve and I [that made us go] our separate ways. Nothing happened. He didn’t break my heart. I didn’t break his heart. It just was a long distance relationship and someone would have had to make a decision back then. No one made a move.”

“I was over the moon for Steve when I first met him, so to trust my heart and go back to the man that I once loved was really easy. With Steve, I could relax because I knew this wasn’t someone that had broken my heart so I could trust him. He knew that he could trust me with his heart and trust is a big thing. It made it a lot easier for he and I to just move past the preliminaries and just to get to know each other again.”

As a devoted mother of seven and grandmother of three, Marjorie is aware of the importance of education and issues facing today’s youth. A few years ago, she and her husband began the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation (SMHF) to establish national and international programs committed to fostering excellence in the lives of children and their families. Marjorie’s signature program for the SMHF is “Girls Who Rule The World” (GWRTW) provide a forum to expose girls to the benefits and importance of positive self-image, responsible personal conduct, respect for self and others, educational achievement, and cultural enrichment.

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After turning 50 years old in 2014, Marjorie decided to turn her passion for all things beautiful into a fashion and lifestyle blog, The Lady Loves Couture, chronicles her exciting fashion excursions while providing exclusive insight and tips for living lavishly on any budget.

marjorie and steve
In her travels for everything stylish, there are three 3 main products that Mrs. Harvey cannot do without:
1.) Kiehls Creme de Corps
It’s so rich but it’s not a greasy moisturizer like you might expect. The key is to apply it after a bath or shower and let it soak in before you get dressed. It’s around $30 and you can purchase it online or at a Kiehls store near you

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