HIV & H2O: Have A Love Affair With Water

5 water glasses

H20 and I have become the “best of friends” over the past few years. As of late, we’ve been dating more consistently, with daily talks enhanced by a few visits to larger bodies of water to reflect and renew. Obviously one of our most romantic moments is when I’m bathing underneath the showerhead in the early a.m, while the water drips down my face. Instead of the conventional glasses of H20, kid like, I cup my hands and drink at least 10 hand-cups of H20 – we all remember what that’s like.

See, I had to make the simple things that sometimes are simply overlooked easy, efficient and playful. After many talks and rebukes from my physicians I NEEDED to drink more H20. The same way I plan to eat a meal, I had to plan to drink water consistently.

Taking my one pill a day was good, but something about consistently drinking water places you on the edge GREAT! Feeling  great, looking great, sounding great – being GREAT!