3 Essential Tips For Bigger, Stronger Muscles

A man doing push-ups with weights

Want to build a better chest, biceps, legs and everything else? Then sit back (for now because you’ll probably be hitting the gym shortly after reading this) and check out these fitness tips from Rochelle Boykin, fitness expert and founder of FabFitParty.com,

1. Stretching is essential.

“I’ve dealt with many male clients that want to hit the gym, go heavy on the weights, and go home without investing time in stretching the muscles that were worked. Stretching is so important because it prevents injury. Stretching after a workout also helps your body revert to a natural state and good posture while your muscles are shortened from the workout. After you work out, it’s best to hold stretching poses on every worked muscle for at least 30 seconds. You stretch after the workout because your muscles are warm and the nutrient supply and blood is increased, which also reduces muscle soreness. Stretching can actually help you build muscle! The tissues that surround the muscles are tight by nature. This tissue can restrict muscle growth because the muscle has no space to grow. By stretching that tissue and making it more pliable, you give the muscle fibers room to grow and expand.”