Birth Control 2.0: 3 Ways To Use Technology For Convenient Sexual Health

woman on couch cell phone

Technology has truly taken sex education and safe sex to an entirely different level. From sex toys that play a playlist of  your favorite songs, to apps that tell you when you are ovulating, technology is at an all time high of being our friend. Now, you can manage, order, and even monitor your birth control via your telephone. There were an estimated 52,500 unintended pregnancies in Washington in  just 2010, according to the Washington state Department of Health. Imagine how those numbers would look if it reflected the entire country? Find out how technology can simplify your birth control below:

1. Order Away 

Virtual doctor visits are becoming more and more popular by the day. Now, there are plenty of apps where you can pay a nominal fee to talk to a doctor right in the comfort of your own home. Apps such as PolkaDoc have made ordering birth control a breeze and affordable. If you don’t have insurance going to the doctor to even consult with them about birth control can be a hefty expense. With this app it’s a flat fee of $15 to speak with a doctor and they will send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. They even offer services to address UTIs and other common issues for women and their sexual health.

Planned Parenthood president and CEO of the Great Midwest region, Chris Charbonneau, has even got on board with this technologically advanced sexual health trend, citing a grim statistic. He said in a statement, “People are sexually active for six to nine months before they get a really reliable birth-control method.” They are intending to make Planned Parenthood more accessible to the community through virtual visits via their app Planned Parenthood Care. The visit costs $45 currently, and you can order birth control  and STD testing kits during these visits.