11 Reasons To Indulge In Your Favorite Foods

woman deciding between chocolate and salad

If you do a quick Google search of something along the lines of “tips for losing weight,” most of what you’ll see is everything you can’t eat and that’s no fun! In fact, constantly thinking about what you “can’t” eat or do may actually hinder your progress.

“Have you ever heard of the French Paradox? How does the capital of decadent food only manage to have half the obesity rate of the United States and manage to stay so slim and healthy?  The answer is not the deprivation of foods, it is simply eating less of a good thing,” says Eric Paul Meredith, a Chicago-based registered dietitian, chef and founder of Health Heroes.

According to Meredith, “Many people think that eating healthy means they have to deprive themselves of some of their favorite foods, which is definitely not the case. Depriving yourself of your favorite foods can generally only lead to unhealthy thoughts and habits.”

I decided to switch things up and give you 11 reasons why you should go ahead and eat that glazed doughnut, ice cream, blueberry muffin, hamburger and fries (not all in one day, of course!) and whatever else your taste buds desire every now and then.

    1. Life is short.
    2. Because it tastes amazing.