Skin Hydration For The Jet-Setting Diva

Businesswoman Looking out Airplane Window

Love to travel? Who doesn’t! That jet-setting lifestyle may seem fab, but the the high altitudes and cabin pressure can do a number on your skin. It is important to take extra measures to keep your skin hydrated while in flight. Try these simple tips to keep your skin on track!

Mist that skin 

Toner water sprays are your best friend for travel. You can easily pick up Evian Mineral Water Spray from your local Sephora. It refreshes the skin and gives you a perky and healthy glow! Even better, it comes in a travel size! If you are like me (a DIY queen) you can go to your local dollar store or Target and pick up a small bottle of mineral water and mix it with either rose, lavender or  lemon essential oil for a therapeutic and refreshing mix.