My Story: “I Couldn’t Finish A Song”

paul wilson2All of a sudden, singer Paul Wilson couldn’t finish a song because he would soon become dizzy and have slurred speech. It wasn’t until he went to the doctor and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis that all of the symptoms started to make sense.

Paul had experienced nearly every symptom associated with multiple sclerosis.

The list includes loss of balance, vertigo, fatigue, slurred speech, cognitive issues and painful muscle spasms.

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When he was a youngster, he would often fall, earning the nickname “tumblebug” from his aunt. He joked that AAA became his best friend because he would often have to call them because he’d frequently lock his keys in his car.  He even fell asleep at the wheel on two different occasions. Yet somehow, Wilson was able to maintain a positive attitude throughout.

However when his MS symptoms interfered with his one true passion: singing, Wilson became more than frustrated.

“I could never finish a song because I would become dizzy, and my speech slurred,” said Wilson. “I felt drunk, it was so strange. I would say my equilibrium was off. I didn’t know it was MS at the time.”

But now Wilson has created a coping mechanism. Whenever he encounters symptoms, he turns to…