How To Actually Use Those Tiny Eyeshadow Sponges

tiny eyeshadow sponges

Tiny Makeup Brushes

Who actually even uses those tiny sponge brushes anyways? I always felt like those brushes were just a sad excuse that makeup companies  felt they had to give as a way to say we gave you something to apply it with! Most of us makeup lovers have a nice investment in our makeup brushes anyway, but before you go tossing those little free utensils, you may find that they are worthy of keeping.

Glitter Up

If you love glitter, then you probably loathe the mess that it makes. Those tiny little sponge brushes are perfect for a glitter application. This way you can use them one time and toss them. Using your expensive brushes with glitter can be a nightmare. No amount of cleansing is going to ever get rid of that sparkle. Sounds like a disaster for your following attempt at natural beat face!