Contact Solutions: 10 Tips To Care For Your Lenses (And Eyes!)


contact lenses on whiteMore than 30 million Americans wear contacts. Although contact lenses have come a long way and are generally pretty safe to wear, there’s still a risk of eye infection and permanent eye damage if you fail to follow the proper guidelines when caring for them.

If you’re thinking about making the switch from glasses to contacts soon, welcome to the club, but just know that it will take some getting used to. Here are 10 ways to keep your eyes healthy while wearing contacts.

1. If you store your contact lenses in solution for more than 10 days, dispose of them and the solution and start fresh. Of course, read the directions on the back of your contact lens solutions to know exactly what to do.

2. Use a lent-free towel when drying your hands after washing.

3. Never touch the tip of the contact lens solution. You could contaminate it with germs without knowing it.