Voluntary Recall On “Limited Edition” Cucumbers

cucumbers on wooden table

Cucumbers that may be linked to one death and nearly 300 illnesses in 27 states have been recalled by their California supplier, U.S. health officials said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Mexico-grown cucumbers were distributed in Alaska; Arizona; Arkansas; California; Colorado; Florida; Idaho; Illinois; Kansas; Kentucky; Louisiana; Minnesota; Mississippi; Montana; Nevada; New Jersey; New Mexico; Oklahoma; Oregon; South Carolina; Texas; and Utah.

The company, Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce of San Diego, on Friday voluntarily recalled its “Limited Edition” brand cucumbers because they may be responsible for the Salmonella Poona infections, the CDC reported.

This type of cucumber, known as a “slicer” or American cucumber, is dark green and 7 to 10 inches long. CDC officials said the cucumbers appear to have caused 285 illnesses since July 3 and the Aug. 17 death of a 99-year-old woman in San Diego.