How To Wear Makeup With Freckles

woman with freckles As a freckle faced sista I’ve often had a love/hate relationship with my freckles. Some days I want to show them off, other days I want to conceal them. Some days I can count them in about 10 minutes and other days I feel like there are an endless amount! As an adult, I’ve learned to accept and love my “polka dots” as I like to call them. What I realized though is that as a child I didn’t see too many images of Black women like myself in the media, and therefore I often found it hard to believe having freckles was attractive.

Now I don’t mind my freckles, in fact, some days I am completely in love with them. They are what make me unique! I simply wanted to stress the importance of self-empowerment and self-love before I go into my tips on wearing make-up with freckles. It’s not about hiding them. If you love to wear makeup, then you definitely understand how hard it can be when you have a face full of spots. Take these tips into consideration the next time you want to dress your face up!

1. Don’t match your makeup to the freckles.

Just think about how ridiculous that even sounds! If I did that I’d be one tan lady! Focus on the complexion that makes up the majority of your face. This is  your real skin tone.