The Great Butter Vs. Margarine Debate: Let Your Heart Decide

fresh cut butterYou know those small McMuffins you get at McDonald’s that you secretly love? Well, the iconic fast-food chain recently announced it will be using real butter in its McMuffins, bagels and biscuits moving forward. Prior to the announcement, McDonald’s was using liquid margarine. One McDonald’s location (Manhattan) has already made the change.

While this is great news for McDonald’s fans, it raises an important question: What is liquid margarine? For starters, it’s an alternative to butter, which you probably already guessed. It contains less fat and it’s cheaper, but here’s what you’re swapping it for: hydrogenated oils, preservatives and artificial flavor.

So, how does it affect your overall health? There’s increased risk of coronary heart disease and diabetes and your LDL (bad cholesterol) levels increase while your HDL (good cholesterol) levels decrease, just to name a few.