Ask Tyomi: Sex After Hysterectomy

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Every day I am approached by women and men across the globe with their sexual dysfunctions in hopes of receiving information to change their sex lives for the better. Recently, I received a letter from a woman who was a recent hysterectomy patient in search of solutions to restore her sex life to the standard she experienced before the surgery. Beyond her sexual sensations, she also had an issue with a part of her body image that she wanted my advice on improving. In hopes of helping her reach her desired goals, I responded in the best way possible with my level of expertise. If you are a woman dealing with a sex life after hysterectomy take a look at the letter that was sent my way and my suggestions on how to make her sexual experience a more pleasurable one.

Subject: Sex after hysterectomy

Dear Tyomi,

Why there isn’t a lot of information on a sex after a woman has a hysterectomy? I had a good sex life until I had a hysterectomy…. now the only orgasm I get is thru clitoris massage. I still get wet but if not the same. I miss my old sex life but I’m glad I don’t have the heavy periods anymore. My body sometimes feel like I could have a hard orgasm but I know it not there anymore. Any suggestions?? Sometimes I think once they removed it I lost some support to my anus because I’m extremely sensitive in that area. Any suggestions are welcome even to exercise because I have a large belly. I’m one of those women who stomach didn’t bounce back after pregnancy. Thank you, Sincerely,


Hey NB,

I’m glad to hear that your issue with heavy periods has now been remedied and you are experiencing more comfort in this area. Hysterectomy procedures are common and for many women the idea of having a sex life that becomes dampened after the surgery can be problematic. There is quite a bit of information out here about sex after having a hysterectomy, but it takes some digging. A part of the reason why you don’t see much information may have to do with the lack of information obtained from first person accounts about the quality of sex after having the procedure completed.

Typically, if there isn’t a lot of information published about a subject it’s because there aren’t many real life accounts that are taken or studies conducted on the topic. I have to be honest with you: this area isn’t an area that I’m well versed in because I am not a gynecologist. I would advise you to speak to your gynecologist first about ways you can improve your sex life, but as far as my expertise will allow me to advise you, this is my set of advice to you: