Remove Your Gel Manicure The Correct Way

woman polishing finger nails

Who doesn’t love a good gel manicure! This invention was a home run for women who love to wear their natural nails, but don’t want to worry about their manicure looking two weeks old in two days! The durability of gel nail polish is simply amazing, but removing it can be a nightmare.

Going to the salon to remove your gel is always an option, but with cost being a concern it makes more sense to just do this yourself! It is important when doing an at home removal to take your time and do it right. With a little patience and the following tips you will be on your way to removing your gel polish without ruining your nails.

Don’t peel or pick.

Yes, peeling off the gel seems like an easy way to go and once it starts chipping seems like a natural habit to just want to pull off the rest. Try to resist the urge! This is very traumatic for your nails. You may not realize it, but the gel is adhered to the top layer of your nail bed and if peeled off you are actually removing some of your nail as well. This causes them to become brittle and weak. According to Skyy Hadley, Celebrity manicurist from New Jersey, “This can result in white patches and textural irregularities throughout the nails.”