7 Ways Yoga Can Boost Your Health & Sex Life

woman yoga updog

In celebration of the beautiful Black female body, I thought it perfectly fitting to give a special healthy salute to yoga and all the ways it benefits our body, mind and even our libidos. Yes ladies and gentleman, yoga is more than a path to Zen and improved flexibility. In fact, yoga can be a path to the “big O,” too! Simply put, a healthy dose of yoga on a regular basis is a great recipe for a healthy body and an awesome sex life. Now let’s kick things off with a few ways yoga can provide some nice sexual healin’:

1. Yoga can improve sexual stamina.

Yoga is a wonderful total body workout that works and stretches countless muscles in your body, which means from just a visual standpoint, your body will look firm, toned and incredibly hot. But, here’s the real perk: Soon you (and your partner) will also pleasantly discover that in bed you’ll now have the physical endurance of the Energizer Bunny and a body primed for incredible sexual stamina.

2. Yoga can intensify arousal and enhance orgasm.

Studies have found that yoga can improve the sex lives of both men and women due to the fact that certain poses and breathing techniques increase blood flow to the pelvic region, which then works to heighten genital sensitivity. In addition, there are countless yoga poses that can help improve flexibility and mental tranquility over time, which can then promote greater sexual stamina and more intense orgasm.

3. Yoga can help you fight food cravings.

For all the emotional eaters out there, here’s a very good bit of news to chew on:

A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that yoga may be a formidable ally in the war on emotional and mindless eating, due to its ability to strengthen the mind-body connection.

In other words, yoga enables you to truly listen to your body so that if or when you do experience stress or emotional sensations associated with food cravings, you’ll be better able to re-focus and ultimately make better choices when stress and food cravings strike.