Shonda Rhimes: “I Finally Decided I Wasn’t Going To Enjoy It”

I got really happy.”

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How we handle stress in our lives is directly related to our weight. Many people overlook the mental aspect of weight loss. Any form of depression, no matter how mild, affects neurotransmitters that control mood, thinking, appetite, and behavior, making you more likely to eat poorly, skip exercise, and gain weight.

Food is not a replacement for happiness. Emotional eating is dangerous because it becomes a vicious cycle. You’re sad, so you eat to make you feel better. While food temporarily improves your mood, that wears off minutes after you finish eating. Essentially, the end result is…
… more and more weight gain, which in turn depresses you more. This is why emotional eating is a vicious cycle.

The simple act of smiling goes a long way. Sometimes life can depress our mood to the point that we find it hard to smile. Remember the saying, “Fake it until you make it.” Well even if you’re not happy yet, smile anyway. You’ll begin to notice that you will actually begin to feel that way.

Another vital step to achieve the happiness you need for weight

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