From Boys To Men: 3 Initiatives Working To Uplift Black Boys

2. Steve Harvey Mentoring Program for Young Men

steve harvey mentoring program

Steve Harvey is known for giving back to the community, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he decided to take it one step further by launching the Steve Harvey Mentoring Program for Young Men (SHMP).

The mission? To present Black boys with positive role models they can model themselves after while growing up to become successful Black men. According to the website, SHMP instills the following principles: integrity, responsibility, respect, honesty, patience, discipline, service, and courage.

To learn more about the Steve Harvey Mentoring Program, visit

3. The African-American Male Initiative


Launched by the Children’s Aid in 2007, the African-American Male Initiative (AAMI) seeks to provide Black boys with the tools they need to achieve academic and financial success.

More specifically, according to its website, AAMI seeks to “gain a better understanding of the issues facing young Black males” and “create new and better program strategies to address the needs of this vulnerable population.”

In 2007, Steps to Success, the first programmatic strategy of the Initiative, was launched. Steps to Success focuses on five core areas: life coaching, academic support, cultural enrichment, sharing the stories of everyday heroes and parent education.

To learn more about the African-American Male Initiative, visit


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