11 Things You Should Do By Yourself Before Settling Down

5. Travel to a new place – Every time I tell someone this, they say what about this and the fear of going someplace alone? Simple answer: don’t go to any shady places! LOL. It’s that simple.  But the places you should go by yourself are places that you have studied, called, mapped out and actually want to go. If it always interests you, trust me, you will go there alone, but you won’t be alone–there is a huge difference.  Your interest will bring out the best in the people there and you’ll meet some super cool people who wouldn’t mind telling you the best places to go or even meet some life long friends.

6. Cook something new to eat – This goes both for men and women.  If you want to learn how to cook, you have to try it out sometime. And you don’t want to be THAT person who’s never been anywhere or never tried anything new to eat.  Trust me, dinner conversation about random tasty food can disarm any person and make them feel right at home wherever you are. Break out the dishes and get cooking!

7. Get grounded in your religion – In a recent online survey, over 60% of people said they have switched or would switch churches depending on your mate. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but being sure of your religion and feeling good where you are spiritually, is key to being happy and comfortable with who you are.

8. Do something nice for someone without being told – When you you were younger, your mother or father probably told you to do things for your Grandma or the neighbor up the street, but when was the last time you did something without a celebrity saying it, or an infomercial telling you, or without an email telling you how bad someone else has it.  For once, just do something for someone in need–no questions asked.  There’s an old saying that states “A Giver Never Lacks For Anything.” Try it, you’ll see 😉

9. Create something – be it a piece of art, a bookshelf, a mural on a wall…get the feeling of creating something from nothing.  There’s nothing like being able to envision something from when it was literally nothing to see it come together by the power of your hands.  Do it–you’ll pat yourself on the back for it!

10. Visit a museum – There’s something about discovering something new in what was old.  You find out how you feel about something. If it evokes a certain memory–be it good or bad–it’s a feeling that you have and that’s worth something.  Plus, if you don’t like something, you find out that you don’t like and that is just as priceless as finding something that you do like.

11. Look in the mirror and tell yourself I love you – When was the last time you told yourself, yes you, that you love yourself?  For many of us its around 4 or 5 years since never. Before you go settling down with someone, make sure you love who you are first.  Your mate, whoever he or she will be, will have to love you, might as well help them out by loving yourself too.

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