11 Things You Should Do By Yourself Before Settling Down

Woman Selling Fresh Eggs At Farmers Food Market

In a recent 2015 survey, over one-third of married, engaged and couples in a committed relationship wished they had done at least one thing by themselves before settling down.  Wow!  It seems as though they always had either their friend(s) with them or a potential mate.  Well, we’ve got a list for you to do if you’re newly single again or just getting out there. Take a look and see what you’ve done (or haven’t done).

1. Go to the movies – This one seems easy but there are a lot of people who don’t do it because it makes them feel…I don’t know…weird?  But what’s weird about sitting in a movie theater by yourself laughing as loud as you want at a funny part of a movie or jumping frightening when it comes to a scary part.  Bottom line, this gives you a chance to be yourself. Shoot, even try to order yourself popcorn too!

2. Love yourself  (love how you look): This is way more easier said than done. Many women (and men) don’t know how to validate themselves with out the comment of others.  Some women need approval and appraisal to feel wanted. They have the need to hear from others. But in order to feel good inside and out, do something not for some guy or girl, but for yourself. Get dressed up for yourself, get pretty for yourself. NOT for your girlfriends, NOT to take pictures and post them on social media…but for YOU.

3. Go out to eat – Eating by yourself at a restaurant (Gasp!) what will people think? Answer: Who freaking cares what they think!!  Go out and and enjoy a good meal by yourself. Buy yourself a drink, eat what you want.  Flirt with the waiter or waitress if you want.  Ask a whole bunch of questions about the menu that you wouldn’t ask if your friends were there.  Pretty much, don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself!

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4. Go to a concert/event – This is a no-brainer for me.  If you want to find someone who likes what you like or just being around people as cool as you, go to things that you like!  It doesn’t matter if it’s a matchbox car convention or a comic book rally, just go! Have fun.  Sometimes we put too much stock in taking other people with us to validate who we are. Just do it.

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