Teen With Downs Syndrome Pushes Past Bullying Into Modeling

…her peers. Her mother, Erica Butler, expresses to TheMighty.com what it was like for her daughter to deal with bullies.

“Gigi understands that there are some cruel people in the world, but that you do not let that tear you down as a person,” Butler said via email.

Butler also said that her daughter watches DVDs from the Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center and she also reads their anti-bullying literature. During a Down syndrome event on Labor Day, Gigi passed out anti-bullying flyers and looks forward to continuing to campaign against bullying in the future.

While she is just too preoccupied to be bothered by her past bullies, Gigi isn’t naive about what it takes to be successful in the future. She understands that she’ll face many challenges in her future, especially working in the entertainment industry.

gigi cunningham

“Many doors will close and many will open,” Gigi told The Mighty in an email. “Always approach your obstacle with a ‘I can’ attitude and with a smile on your face because you are worth it. My belief is that you can do all things through Christ and with prayer nothing is impossible. Never give up and if no one else believes in you I do. We are winning. I am determined to help change the face of beauty.”

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