Russell Simmons: “Be Still And Be Successful”

Russell-SimmonsBusiness mogul Russell Simmons is definitely a busy man. From co-founding the legendary hip-hop music label Def Jam and creating the clothing fashion lines Phat Farm, Argyleculture, and American Classics, not to mention his hand in creating Def Comedy Jam and Def Poetry Jam, Russell continues to make multi-million dollar deals in music and entertainment.

But when he’s asked over and over again what it takes to be successful, the 60-year-old creative entrepreneur gives an answer that most people don’t expect. Many think the answer may be working day and night or positioning yourself in the right circle of people, but Russell’s answer is more simple: Be still with meditation.

Twenty minutes, twice a day. That’s Russell’s routine, like clockwork. When asked why he — or anyone — should meditate, the media mogul has a straight answer: “The first, most important thing about meditation is happiness. You become a happier person when you meditate,” he says.

(1980’s Russell Simmons / Photo credit: Pinterest)

Simmons shares his straightforward, no-nonsense take on the practice, which he first adopted in yoga class, and later infused with principles from Transcendental Meditation, a mind-focused style he learned of at a school in South Africa. His app, Meditation Made Simple (a companion to his best-selling book, Success Through Stillness) is available to those who want help.


Here are TWO ways the man who brought us Run-DMC offered to get you started:

Reverse The Rush
Growing up in Hollis, Queens, Simmon’s got his nickname, “Rush” since his attention could never stay put. That drive fueled his early career, but it was when he slowed down, finding value in quiet moments of stillness (like sitting in a silent recording studio working on a final mix), he says he felt more fulfilled and inspired. “Meditation got me to learn to be more patient,” Simmons says, “And the only thing you really need…

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