Russell Simmons: “Be Still And Be Successful”

… to be a good meditator is patience.”

Commit & Commit Again
“Put your alarm on, don’t move, and commit,” Simmons says, when describing how to meditate. “The mind will go crazy without the movement, but the mind has no choice but to settle, as the nervous system settles.” In his guided meditation, Simmons says there’s no “right” way to meditate, so start with what’s comfortable — sit however you like, wherever you like — but set an alarm for 10 or 20 minutes so you won’t worry about the time. Eventually, your mind will relax, and you’ll gain the ability to let go of unwanted thoughts, worries, or frustrations. If you still find it too challenging, Simmons suggests toughening up: “My daughter started at nine, and if she can do the twenty minutes, so can you.”

Stress has harmful effects on the body, worsening certain medical conditions and increasing cortisol production in the body. Cortisol is a hormone released into the bloodstream as part of the “fight or flight” response during stressful situations. While small amounts of it can be beneficial in providing bursts of energy, heightened cognitive function and lower sensitivity to pain, prolonged levels of the hormone from chronic stress can be damaging to the body and increase the risk for obesity and certain illnesses.

Research has shown that meditation can help reduce the levels of cortisol in the bloodstream and increase immune response in the body. For Simmons, Transcendental Meditation has helped improve his cognitive function and balance his mental well-being.

So if one of the busiest men in the world can take time every day to be still, maybe you should too.

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